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About Us

Our Story

Realization was established in 2008 as Association for improvement of modern living skills, mainly targeting youngsters with social obstacles, from orphanages and other fewer opportunities. Slowly, in our work, we continued following our target group and when they turned 18, they soon became unemployed and sometimes NEET. So, the strategic focus of the organisation in 2013 changed towards unemployed and NEET youngsters, as well as unemployed adult citizens and those with lower basic skills. In 2018, in our new strategic planning we have officially added adult education and geographical widening of our local activities in more cities and smaller urban areas all over Croatia, besides capital Zagreb where the association has been established and where we are functioning since the establishment.

According to our mission, with our target groups / beneficiaries Realization aims to work on:

• encouraging personal development;
• strengthening youth and citizens’ initiatives;
• promotion of non-formal education and lifelong learning of all layers of society;
• promotion of European awareness and European citizenship based on interculturality, democracy, knowledge and dialogue.

Our Strategic Approaches

In order to achieve our mission with our target groups, we are organising following approaches/methodologies in order to strengthen the modern living skills of theirs, as well as the entrepreneurial intelligence and mind-set of theirs:

  • Inclusion and intercultural learning with adults and within youth work;
  • Employability and (Social) Entrepreneurship education;
  • Youth sport work with using the methodology of “sport for all” in youth work;
  • Empowerment of coordinators, educators and youth workers in management, Non-formal education/training for trainers, digital skills and tools.

Inclusive European Engagement

Realization was a partner and also applicant and organiser of projects on European level, with partners from EU, Western Balkan countries and countries from Caucasus region. Association “Realization” is a member of an informal European network on social volunteering as a tool for inclusion, as well as of Out of The Box International.

Realization has focused on social inclusion of vulnerable groups, adapting activities to their needs and working on promotion of social inclusion and reaching and motivating personal and professional development of vulnerable groups.

International Project Expertise

As an applicant & partner in quite a few international projects, Realization has experience in developing educational tools and publications: the educational concepts of the projects we have been implementing, so other adult educators, youth workers & partner organisations can use it in their work. Realization also has experience in coordinating implementation of local activities, developed during the international training courses, testing the implementation of local activities in the partner organisations and countries, mentoring & supporting them through this process.

Highly Experienced

Realization has extensive experience in organising training courses for educators and youth workers through many Erasmus+ projects on European level, as well as the local workshops, training & mentoring of unemployed citizens and the ones with lower basic skills, with the focus on (self-)employability and entrepreneurship.

Realization has experience in inclusion youth work, both online and offline. Among their members and from local projects, Realization gathers several psychologists, social pedagogues and social work experts, experts in Business IT, STEAM and e-learning architecture

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